My name is Rebecca Cullimore.  As a mother I took hundreds of pictures of my children, but had a hard time finding any that I wanted to print and hang on my wall.  Thus began my journey into photography.  When I began taking classes I realized there was so much to learn in order to create the images that I loved.   I have taken classes online through  Clickin Moms, Capture Your 365, Digital Photography Mentor, Creative Live, and Digital Scrapper.  I am excited to share my knowledge and work with you and your family to create images that you will love.

I live on beautiful Vashon Island.  The springtime finds me picking berries, making jam, and taking pictures of the incredible nature that surrounds us.  Summertime finds me with a house full of children and extended family, many days spent on the beaches and kayaking, and of course many opportunities for taking pictures.  Fall is the time of back to school schedules and amazing fall colors. Wintertime finds me hoping for the rare snow storm and the yummy smells of pumpkin pie, apple cider, and homemade bread.

I have four amazing children who are my muses and a wonderful husband who amuses me.  They have been my willing helpers and models as I have worked on improving my skills as a photographer.