Christmas Break 2017

With a whole week before Christmas we decided we needed to go somewhere fun, close and relatively cheap for a few days so we headed off to Leavenworth/Chelan to find some snow.  We were not disappointed.  The ride out took 3x as long because of snow on the road.  It made me miss the amazing Utah snowplows and salting of roads.  We made it safely and the next day found our own little sledding slope.  The snow was very different from the usually sticky stuff we get on Vashon.  We had a fabulous time!

We arrived home safely in time to get ready for our own Christmas celebrations.  On Christmas Eve, Grandma and Grandpa came over for a German dinner of rotkohl, schnitzel, and spätzle with Stolen for dessert.  We received our own surprise of a white Christmas. Cami, the snowman artist spent a long time perfecting her snowmen. Nathan created a penguin snowman and I took pictures.

The Christmas highlight for me was receiving a wok and steamers.  So, the rest of the week we spent trying to recreate our favorite dim sum dishes.  I was amazed how great they tasted and the kids were fantastic helpers.  Our favorites were the custard buns, closely followed by the pork dumplings and coconut rolls.



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