This spring I took a fabulous class on capturing connection with the amazing Virginia Greuloch.  As part of my final project I needed to put into practice what I had learned.  I really wanted to take some pictures of this beautiful family.  They arrived and looked amazing, but I could see the mom was tired.  I don’t know any mom that really wants to have her picture taken. I could see that look in Brittany’s eyes as we were ready to take pictures. It is a lot of work getting yourself and everyone ready and then once you’re there, you’re out of energy and wonder if it is worth it. As the session progressed we had so much fun and I could see how much love she had for her children and how much they adored her.  When I was looking through the images I could feel the love and connection between mother and child.  I love to see how children lean into their parents, that sense of safety and comfort. These are the types of moments and memories that I want preserved of me and my kids. I want them to know that I love them sooo much and that they can always feel safe in my arms. I am here for them.


There is nothing easy about being a mother, it is an unrelenting job.  These pictures are proof to me that there is much love in this family.


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